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of not-your-ordinary retreat.

Love is the bridge between you and everything.


Our History

Once upon a time many years ago, three souls came together and picked up where they left off in some other lifetime.

One soul was a digger of one well deep; a teacher, a writer and a healer who brought depth and shovels to their reunion. Her name is Christina.

One soul was an Artist of Conscious Evolution; a painter, a leader and a communicator who brought a direct line to the Universe to their reunion. Her name is Kate.

One soul was a muse; a social storyteller, a speaker, a teacher and a creator who brought levity, inspiration, magic, and magic markers to their reunion. Her name is Lani.

Together they created the perfect storm of possibility in a great big, harmonious fire. They saw that they were pieces of a puzzle, and together they knew how to burn away everything in the way of love.

They knew it was on purpose. They knew to share it. In the nucleus of a great, big YES, the Live in Love Retreat was born.

When they said yes, you said yes.


the creators, leaders, teachers, healers, lovers, artists, deep diggers…you who desire to connect to the extraordinary in yourself, and to mirror the extraordinary to everyone you touch.

Once upon a time many years ago, many, many souls came together to pick up where they left off. And we keep doing it.

We keep living in love.

Christina Alexa
Kate Lemay
Lani Voivod

Click HERE to view a sample itinerary from a previous Retreat.

My heart is at peace. I found quiet that I was craving even on an island full of people, there was a peacefulness that I needed.

-Kimberly M.



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Live in Love Retreat 2022

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